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Welcome to the magical world where historical heritage and another world intersect

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【Historical Heritage x XR】A walk-through attraction where you can actually walk through the tunnels of the “Historic Sado Gold Mine” located on the mysterious island “Sado Island”.
When you put on the glasses, you are in a different world...
The MR glasses, which integrate cutting-edge technology, and the projection mapping will create a space that takes you to a world of fantasy.
A magical “time” that you have never experienced before begins


character image Auru

A mysterious island floating in the indigo sea
The towering gold mine in the middle of the island has been the site of legends about “Golden Light Stone and otherworldly monsters” since ancient times.

“Seldomly, monsters manifest themselves in this world from another world that intersects with the tunnels of the gold mine.
When the ‘Golden Light Stone’ with mystical power and its spirit ‘Auru’ become one, they will be sealed.”

You are now witnessing the first period of intersection in hundreds of years.
Please gather the four fragments of the Golden Light Stone scattered in the tunnels to empower Auru, and protect the gold mine together.


Ticket prices (incl. tax)

ADV Adults: 3,000 yen / Elementary and middle school students: 2,550 yen

DOOR Adults: 3,300 yen / Elementary and middle school students: 2,850 yen

*Admission to Doyu Tunnel included (Adults: 900 yen, Elementary and middle school students: 450 yen)

*Part of the fee will be donated to the Sado World Heritage Registration Promotion Activity.

Reception Hours

Morning departure time 8:00am / 8:30am / 9:00am / 9:30am / 10:00am / 10:30am
Afternoon departure time 4:00pm / 4:30pm

*Open all year round

*Since the number of participants is limited, please make a reservation in advance.

*Start time may vary depending on availability.

*The experience takes about 20 minutes.

*Departure times are subject to change depending on the season.


Online reservation: Click here

Phone reservation: 0259-74-2389

*Please mention “Island Mirage Reservation”.

*Please let us know your preferred time by email or phone.

*We will tell you how to redeem your ticket at the time of booking.


*The temperature in the tunnels is about 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year. Even in the middle of summer, it is recommended to bring a long-sleeved outerwear.
*Although there is no age limit for this attraction, it may be difficult for small children to experience it because the size of the MR glasses may not fit. We ask for your understanding in advance.
*Please note that the course may be cancelled suddenly due to weather or tunnel conditions on the day. We ask for your understanding in advance.


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Shiseki Sadokinzan



〒952-1501 1305 Shimo-Aikawa Sado-City Niigata. tel.0259-74-2389 fax.0259-74-3235